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Caya Diaphragm is a newly developed non-hormonal barrier contraceptive device used ONLY when needed. It is uniquely designed to fit most women.

How it works:
Caya Diaphragm acts as a mechanical barrier that completely covers the cervix thereby preventing sperm from entering the uterus. It works even better when used with the Caya Gel.

▪ Caya Diaphragm does not have hormones so no side effects. It’s a good option for women who prefer a non-hormonal contraceptive method
▪ Used ONLY when needed and gives the woman absolute control
▪ With Caya Diaphragm, partners can enjoy the natural feel of sexual intercourse
▪ One size fits most women
▪ Portable and convenient – it comes with a specially designed case
▪ East to use – insertion and removal gets better with practice
▪ Can be used up to 2 years with proper care
▪ Can be used without a visit to the hospital

Packing: 1 device per pack

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