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Caya Gel is a water-based lubricant that increases the effectiveness of Caya Diaphragm. It acts as an additional physical barrier at the cervix and maintains the vaginal pH. Caya gel comes with a vaginal applicator which be used to re-apply additional gel if intercourse is repeated.

How it works:
Caya Gel acts by reducing the mobility of sperm cells and lowers the pH level of the vagina which makes it less hospitable to sperm. The gel’s viscous consistency traps sperm to prevent it from swimming past any opening around the diaphragm. Caya Gel contains lactic acid which is particularly useful in maintaining a healthy vagina.

▪ Helps maintain a healthy vagina: enhances friendly bacteria and reduces vaginal infections
▪ Compatible for use with condoms and other methods of contraception
▪ Improves sexual pleasure for women who experience painful sexual intercourse
▪ Lubricates the vagina for women who experience dryness due to menopause

Additional Medial Indications:
▪ Vaginal dryness due to hormonal contraceptives, medications (e.g antihistamines, antidepressants, chemotherapy), and medical conditions e.g. vagina atrophy
▪ Gynaecological procedures such as vaginal examination, lubrication of speculums and for trans vaginal ultrasound scans
▪ Immunocompromised women who require additional support to maintain a healthy vagina
▪ Prevention and treatment of bacterial vaginosis
▪ Adjunct to antibiotic therapy especially in sexually active women

Packing: 1 gel per pack with 1 applicator

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