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VitaFusion Power C Gummy Vitamins Orange Flavor – 150 Gummies

As a rich source of vitamin C‚ rose hips in Vitafusion Power C – 150 Gummies from Vitafusion reportedly fight cold and flu‚ relieve stomach conditions‚ stimulate the immune system‚ and support certain facets of heart health‚ thereby promoting your general wellness.

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Strengthen your immune system and fight free radical damage to the cells of your body with Vitafusion Power C – 150 Gummies from Vitafusion™. This dietary supplement may also ease cardiovascular conditions and respiratory discomfort.

Vitamin C‚ as ascorbic acid and sodium ascorbate‚ reportedly is a water-soluble vitamin that inhibits the growth of harmful cells in your body and fights signs of aging. This vitamin could potentially keep away DNA damage‚ common cold‚ infections‚ and bronchial conditions. It may also reduce symptoms of low mood‚ boost cognitive health‚ and fight mental stress and fatigue.

Studies reveal that sodium ascorbate is non-acidic‚ more soluble‚ and more reactive when compared to ascorbic acid. This bio-available form of vitamin C helps build connective tissues and kills bacteria and viruses too. Both ascorbic acid and sodium ascorbate in this dietary supplement from Vitafusion™ could potentially boost immunity‚ combat oxidative stress‚ and keep away conditions related to your eyes and heart.



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