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The Hand Brand 7 Way Nail Buffer

Tip: Before you start taking care of and preparing the nails, remove nail polish residue with one of The Hand Brand removers. Then take care of the cuticles painlessly with The Hand Brand Cuticle Revitalizer Pen. Content: 2 pcs Nail Buffers.

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The nails are ready for a nail polish in 7 steps. Prep your nails for a nail polish manicure with The Hand Brand 7Way Nail Buffer. With 7 steps, the nails are soft, cared for and ready to be painted. Instructions for use: 1: Use the coarse grits to shape the nails, 2: Followed by filing the nails with the medium grit side to refine the shape, 3: Use this side to trim the edges of the nails and the desired shape, 4: A special side to file the nail plate, 5: Make the nail plate soft with this step, 6: Sharpen the nail plate so that the polish will adhere better, 7: Polish the nails to make them shine. When all 7 steps have been completed, you can start painting the nails.

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