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Puls Nutrition Mass Gainer Chocolate , Vanilla 2kg

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PULS MASS Muscle Gainer It’s a high-calorie weight gainer designed for better recovery and maximizing muscle growth. MASS is made in Finland from the best whey protein mixture. It is high in protein and low in lactose. MASS contains 20 servings to help you to gain mass and lift more. Smooth chocolate & vanilla flavors. Dynamic Weight Gainer. To gain a pound of body weight, you must consume 3500 additional calories. Unlike conventional weight – gain powders which offer massive amounts of empty calories, Dynamic Weight Gainer provides 610 nutrient-dense calories per serving when prepared with 2 cups of whole milk. This great-tasting, nutritionally balanced formula represents the latest nutritional technology designed to increase body mass while minimizing fat weight gain. Dynamic Weight Gainer is a precise blend of high – quality protein, carbohydrates, essential vitamins and minerals, and key amino acids designed to increase lean muscle mass. This nutritionally balanced formula was designed to provide high – quality calories quickly and easily throughout the day.

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